20 Jan 2013

Testimonial- Chester Brennan

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Months after Genesis still running at the Jingle Bell 5k

Months after finishing Genesis still running at the Jingle Bell 5k

Funny, it’s hard to know where to start but then that’s really what it’s about. Genesis is such an accurate name. It really is the beginning of new life. I remember when my wife told me about the C25K program. I’ve had bad feet all my life and running was never something I had even considered. However I was intrigued that a program could take you from doing nothing to running a 5K in just 9 weeks. When we checked in the first day and I gave my name, coach said “Oh yeah, you’re the guy the doesn’t think this will work”. Well it does. The program itself is great but having the coach walk you through each level is perfect. He was able to tell us what to expect, how our bodies would change and react to the training and most importantly, how to handle it all. Each time we would try something new I would be afraid I couldn’t do it. But each time coach would say you can and we did. The shin pains went away when he said they would. Cadence does help keep your pace. Diet really does affect your ability to recover afterwards. About half way through the course I realized it was pointless to doubt whether I could do it because every step of the way coach was right.


My background has a lot of bad stuff. I’m a 53 year old computer tech. When I wasn’t sitting at my desk at work, I was sitting at home in front of my computer or watching TV. I’ve had high blood pressure for about 4 years along with an aortic aneurism. I have arthritis in my lower back. Since April when we started, my blood pressure is under control. My heart doctor says the aneurism is in check and I no longer need to be scanned every 6 months. And if I feel any back pain, I can run and it’s gone, just gone. Sometimes it’s hard to find the time and motivation but with rewards like this it makes it easy. The way I feel after running is unbelievable. My mind is clear and I have an allover warm feeling.


We run 3 times a week now, usually 5K or more each time. We’ve run four 5K races. We are in the Genesis Graduate group and completed the scheduled 5 miles yesterday. There’s a sense of accomplishment each time you run a little farther or a little faster. It’s not about winning a race. You compete with yourself to do just a bit better each time. The program really does create a new life. It’s a part of me now.


Chester J. Brenan

Cross Lanes, WV

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