Running Hints

1. Be deliberate in your training. At the beginning of each week look at your schedule and know when you are going to train. It doesn’t happen by accident.

2. Plan at least an hour for training. This includes time to change clothes, workout, stretch, and change again.

3. Know your training route. Tracks are best for beginner 5K programs to know your distance. One lap is ¼ miles. If you don’t use a track mark ¼, ½, ¾, and 1 mile distances in a neighborhood.

4. Training with a buddy of similar abilities and fitness provides motivation and accountability.

5. “Train, don’t strain” Don’t overdo it, especially when you first start.

6. Training is not like studying for a test. You can’t cram 10 weeks of training in to two. Your body needs time to adapt to increased exertion.Follow the training program. It will work and get you ready.

7. The right shoe for you is important. Go to a professional running store and be willing to spend a few extra dollars on the shoes.  In our area I recommend Robert’s in Huntington (

8. Don’t be afraid to walk. Run your course: but if you are overexerting yourself, listen to your body. Slow down.

9. Make running (or exercise) a long term commitment. Determine to finish this program but focus one week at a time.

10. If you have any questions about your physical condition, consult a doctor before starting. Don’t ask if you should run, as if you can run.

11. Running is a natural stress reliever.

12. The secret of a good running form is to run naturally. Keep your body relaxed and run tall, lean slightly forward at the ankle and land your feet underneath your hips. Refer to or the form link of this site.  

13. Especially in the beginning, forget about speed. You’re running for yourself, not to compete with some else’s time.

14. When you first start running, you’ll probably get sore legs. If you have severe pain, you’re pushing too hard to too long. Soreness is you body’s way to tell you that you’re getting back in to shape.

15. Don’t worry about setbacks. If you miss a few days, forgive yourself and start over again.

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. 2 Timothy 4:17