Recommended Running Reads

There’s an abundance of information, advice and opinions out there on running.  Here are a few that I think every runner should read.

Born to Run, Chris McDougal   An entertaining and informational read answering the question, was man born to run?

Chi Running, Danny Dryer  A running method leading to more efficient and healthier running. Get the book and dvd combo.

Natural Running, Danny Abshire

The Big Book of Endurance Training and Racing, Dr. Phil Maffetone  Radical teaching of how easy running makes you a better runner. Train that aerobic engine!

Think You Know What Aerobic Is? Dr. Phil Maffetone.  A great primer on understanding aerobic training for runners and why it’s so important.

Want Speed? Slow Down! By far this is the toughest concept to communicate to runners but this article does it well.