13 Apr 2012

Kelli Cain Testimonial

Author: Matt Young | Filed under: Ask the Coach

This is a testimonial two years in the making. ¬†April before last a very good friend suggested that we sign up for Matt’s Genesis 5k training program. I had JUST quit smoking a couple of weeks prior to this invite and felt that “learning to run” would be a great distraction. I work with two physicians that are not only distance runners but iron man competitors as well and they both look fantastic and truly seem to enjoy their training. Long story short – I did the program, ran my first 5k (and several more since) then did a half marathon and most recently a full marathon. I can never adequately thank Matt for all of his help, encouragement and kindness in helping me to find my love for running. I will likely never be FAST but I believe I will continue to run FOREVER. Thanks Matt and the Genesis 5k program!!!

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