Genesis Wild and Wonderful WV 5k Training


Since 2007 Genesis has prepared new runners to run their first 5k and has helped experienced runners run their fastest 5k. Through a coaching program of thorough preparation, incremental training and accountability from a coach and other participants, runners gain the confidence and preparation they need to finish their first event. See people just like you on our Facebook page.

Registration will open soon.

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About the Genesis Wild Wonderful WV Fall Training

What: This is a 9 week training program starting Tuesday, September 1st to prepare for a local 5k event in your area. The program is intended for new runners with no prior running experience.

When: Local group training sessions will meet each week for the 9 week period led by a local facilitator.

Where: Meet with your group to train once a week and the rest of each week’s training is done where ever you want—in your neighborhood, park or at a local track.

What you get: For a non-refundable one time special price of $29 per individual you receive:

*  Weekly email lessons and videos from the head coach
*  Day-by-day program to follow
*  Instruction on form, injury prevention and nutrition
*  The motivation that comes from having a coach and training buddies
*  Thorough event day preparation

Registration will open soon.

Don’t see your location listed? Grab some friends to train with and sign up for the virtual location.

Contact Genesis Running head coach, Matt Young, with questions and scholarship information.