Genesis 5K Training Program Performances

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The final session of Genesis ended on Thanksgiving Day with the Point Harmony Turkey Trot.  We had 15 runners with five new personal records and seven first time finishers.  Check out the video highlight of the season produced by coach Shane on You Tube.

Genesis runners celebrate a strong finish

The summer session of Genesis finished on Saturday, September 3rd with the running of the Charleston Distance Run 5k.  We had 26 starters and finishers, 14 first timers, and 9 new personal records.  Check out more pics on Facebook and the video highlight of our season on You Tube.

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Genesis runners stop for a quick pic before the 5k

The Spring 2011 season of the Genesis 5K Training Program was a big success as we finished with the City’s Independence Day 5K in Charleston.   Check out the finishers and a video highlight of our season.

Check out the video of our season from 2010 that Coach Shane put together.

Read an article from local fitness expert on the Genesis 5K Training Program!

This is a 9 week group training program to prepare for a 5K race.  The program is intended for all levels from walkers to experienced runners with the purpose of creating healthy lifestyles through exercise, healthy eating and fellowship.

A key component of the program is the day by day and week by week training routine for the most basic levels and for experienced runners.  For beginners who may have never run ¼ mile we start out very slowly with a combination of walking and jogging.  Each week you run a little more and walk a little less.  By the day of the race they’re ready to run the full 5k or 3.1 miles.  The program you’ll follows the Couch to 5K Training Plan from Cool Runnings. For those that are currently running at least 12 miles per week with at least one of those runs being 4 miles, we have an advanced program. This program prepares these runners to go to the next level by running farther and faster than they’ve done before. And for those of you that just want to walk, that’s fine too. We have a walker program.

As part of the program we host clinics on proper running form and stretching, nutrition and shoe fit with the objective being to teach an individual how to have a self sustaining, long and healthy athletic career and lifestyle.

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