16 Jan 2013

Frozen Sasquatch 25k 2013

Author: Matt Young | Filed under: race-reports

I started the run with a few tree knocks and some well timed whoops and hoped for the best. As a card carrying member of the BFRO I was hopeful to see a Big Foot on this run.  I’m always hopeful to see a Big Foot in the woods but KSF is an especially squatchy area.

Conditions were ideal for the race this year.  It would be my fourth year of the Frozen Sasquatch (fifth including its predecessor the Snowflake in 2009) and here’s what I’ve figured out;  no one comes in to this race in their prime. Just show up and run in whatever condition you’re in and be in good company.

Maybe I’m exaggerating about no one but I don’t think it’s far off.  You hear lots of “are you ready” and then lots of “no” followed by the reasons. This includes me. So at the end of the day I was thankful to finish and thankful that I could run.

The 25k record was broken by three runners on Saturday as evidence of the ideal conditions.   It was frozen as advertised and it was mostly dry except for the trails that are always wet.   But it wasn’t raining like 2012 and there wasn’t a fresh few inches of snow on the trails like ’10 and ‘11. And after the storms in June and October left the trails covered with debris the many volunteers and park employees did a hearty job getting the course runnable again.

I don’t have a lot of details to report. I ran mostly by myself after Harry didn’t follow our joint race plan and dropped me on Overlook 3 minutes in to the race. I could never catch up. A short run with Kelly, and then Jill, the eventual 50k female winner, and then with Michael totaled about 20 minutes or so.  My GPS was dead at the start so I have no stats to share except three aid station splits.  I fell once; a tough tumble that put a hurt on my shoulder and knee. I’ve fallen each year.  I had an ipod but didn’t use it preferring to listen to the sound of running in the woods.  I was relieved to be running and loved  being part of this race again. I can’t ever think of better way to bring in the running new year and I’m glad it’ has become a tradition.  Dolin has made this race into a real crowd pleaser by doing it well.  Thanks, Dolin and all volunteers especially our timer, Dan.

I’m grateful for the gift of running and for my creator who gives all good things. James 1:17

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