Coaching Services

Group Training genesis-5k-training-program4          The Genesis 5K Training program is group training to prepare for a 5K event. The program is intended for all levels from walkers and beginner runners to experienced runners with the purpose of creating healthy lifestyles through exercise, healthy eating and fellowship. Learn more about Genesis.

Genesis Half Marathon  prepares experienced runners for their first or fastest half marathon.  It includes 10 group coaching sessions, instruction on natural running form, training plans, weekly messages with workout specifics, individual pace charts, race course preview and all of the necessities such as nutrition, hydration, and strength training for runners.

Running form video analysis and instruction on natural running form for individuals.  Video review of your running form along with instruction on running form to make you a more natural runner to increase efficiency and decrease the likelihood of injury.  $75 per session.

Personal Coaching Whether you’re training for a 5K, a marathon, or anything in between a good plan can make the difference between not making the most of your potential and a successful event and career. My goal is to help you become a smarter and faster runner. With a thorough plan matching your current fitness level, race goals, and time commitments I’ll take the guesswork out of your training and eliminate the common mistakes of over training or under preparing for your event. People that benefit from personal coaching are those that are motivated by goals and like the structure a detailed plan gives you.

Personal coaching services include:

• Free initial consultation

• Plan development and presentation including five phases: base, sharpening, taper, race, and recovery

• Weekly review of athlete’s training log

• Every day access for questions and plan review by phone and email

• Benefits of another’s personal training and racing experiences and mistakes

• Support from a coach who understands an athlete’s mentality.

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