12 Mar 2012

Ashley King Testimonial

Author: Matt Young | Filed under: Ask the Coach

I never would have thought I could run a 5K, but I did! I was approached by a friend to participate in the Genesis running program and it has changed my life.  Running became the catalyst for a significant lifestyle change.

I have been overweight my entire adult life and I started a diet every Monday, without success.  Not only was I overweight, I was unhealthy!  Just as the Genesis running program is a progressive program, my lifestyle changes were too.  I never thought I would begin running at 31 when I could not do it as a teenager.  Each week as the running intervals increased, I felt such a sense of accomplishment.  I did not look or feel like the typical runner, but I finished the program and crossed the finish line!

Since completing the Genesis running program, I have continued to exercise regularly and now actually enjoy working out.  I did not want to be overwhelmed with significant lifestyle changes, so I decided to conquer exercising and eating like the running program, progressively.  Starting with exercise, I developed a routine and then I progressed to my eating habits.  Overtime, the lifestyle changes I have made have become my normal routine and I do not feel like I am sacrificing.  As a result of the changes I have made in my life, starting with running, I have lost 52 pounds, lowered my cholesterol by 50 points and significantly lowered by blood pressure and not to mention, I feel GREAT!

Although I have made great strides in changing my lifestyle, my journey will continue; it’s just begun!  See you on the track!

Ashley before and after



  1. Brenda Thomas posted the following on September 27, 2013 at 6:16 am.

    You look fantastic. I’m glad that you feel so good too. Everyone needs to feel good if they look good.

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